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The Future Landscape of College Counseling

One of the most talked about conversations in education today, three incredible panelists share deep insights on how admissions and college counseling has shifted as a result of the pandemic, to the student mental health crisis, to the growing body of research and debate around the validity of testing as part of the admissions process.


Tamar Adegbile - Director of Student Wellbeing at Avenues
Olumfemi Ogundele - Associate Vice Chancellor of Enrollment University of California, Berkeley
Mark Moody - Director of College Counseling at The Menlo School

“There is a there's a narrative that says that if you didn't get into one of our schools it's because you're not smart enough… I could build an entire class out of my deny pool that replicates my admit pool… so it's it's one of these things where I think it's important for people to just know that.” - Olumfemi Ogundele

“How you assess rigor what the definition of rigor even is… that's something that's a really interesting conversation that we are having right now....” - Mark Moody

“Students advocate for themselves and it is really, really encouraging and I think it's setting them up for success post high school.” - Tamar Adegbile