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Updates and insights from our growing global network of campuses

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Why Mastery?


The mastery program is a key component of the Avenues Upper School curriculum and is a reflection of the school’s commitment to graduating students who, as outlined in the mission statement, are “confident because they excel in a particular passion.”

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Gray Matters: What role should homework play in learning?

Historical Background
In the U.S., debates about the value of homework have been steady over the past century. In the beginning half of the 1900’s, homework was n…

Problem-based Learning in Math Takes a Student-centered Approach

By Fanny Sosenke, Upper Division Math Teacher, Avenues New York

Starting in 8th grade math and continuing into the upper grades, the math curriculum is centered arou…

Teaching Compassion To 4-Year-Olds Through Reading

Liz Salegumba, Pre-K Teacher

The earthquakes and storms that devastated Mexico and Puerto Rico last year deeply affected members of the Avenues New York community, inc…

Chinese Immersion through the Eyes of an Adult Learner

By Grace Jackson, Editor and Translator for China-related Media

As someone who began learning Chinese at 22 out of a desire to become fluent in a second language and a…

Building a Math Mindset

By Stacy Rezos, 4th Grade Teacher at Avenues New York

“I can’t do this...yet!” and “My math brain just grew!” were just a few comments made during our math mindset act…

Gray Matters : Can project-based learning adequately prepare students for AP-type tests?

Project-based learning (PBL), with its focus on solving real-world problems, is frequently advocated in opposition to more test-focused curricula such as Advanced Place…

Integrated Science at Avenues – Part III: Practicing What We Preach

By Mike Maccarone, Global Academic Dean for Science at Avenues: The World School

In parts I and II of this series, I described how we redesigned the Avenues high schoo…

Integrated Science at Avenues – Part II: Redesigning Science at Avenues

By Mike Maccarone, Global Academic Dean for Science at Avenues: The World School

In Part I of this series, I introduced two ideas that emerged in K-12 education in the…

Integrated Science at Avenues – Part I: A Brief History of Science Education in the West

By Mike Maccarone – Global Academic Dean for Science at Avenues: The World School

Since before our school opened in 2012, the Upper School science department at Avenue…

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