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Small World


Parent Introductory Event (All Grades)

August 14, 2024

5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

New York


Learning Through Play

A balance of structured activities and free play encourage children to learn while having fun, making discoveries for themselves and developing their fine motor skills.

Three Languages

Daily exposure to Spanish and Mandarin (as well as English) through read-alouds, songs, and immersion-style instruction builds confidence and communication skills.


An emphasis on physical play and expression promotes fitness, coordination and gross motor skills.

Hands-On Exploration

STEAM and World Course activities, including cooking, gardening, music and crafts foster observation skills and curiosity.

Self-Help Skills

Fundamental skills such as eating with a knife and fork, putting on and removing coats, and taking care of one’s possessions prepare children for a full-day school experience the following year.