Upper Primary (2–5)


After the lower primary grades, a child’s experience in upper primary is full of wonder, growth, change and excitement. From 2nd through 5th grade, students at Avenues develop a high level of autonomy and become increasingly involved in their own learning. English remains the primary language of the classroom until students have developed firm literacy skills. Subsequently, more time is focused on Portuguese language and grammar. The World Course incorporates the Brazilian national social studies curriculum as well as the history and geography of Brazil. Portuguese language and literature follow the Brazilian national curriculum. Support for non-fluent Portuguese speakers is available in the form of small group and individual instruction.

In upper primary, we employ the balanced literacy approach, which uses a reading and writing workshop model to develop communication skills. The reading workshop model has three components: guided reading, small group instruction and independent reading. Whether students are reading in small groups or independently, workshop time begins with a short lesson that teaches a specific skill or strategy. Students then “try out” this skill or strategy using books that offer an appropriate level of challenge.

Math follows the Brazilian national curriculum and is taught using the proven pedagogy of Singapore Math. Science begins with an exploratory lab in which students interact with a variety of materials and begin implementing the scientific method to learn about the world around them.

Our 1:1 iPad program enables students to access new knowledge and consolidate their learning with enriching age-appropriate activities. The addition of creative computation to the curriculum provides space for students to tinker, solve problems and learn from their mistakes while immersed in the language of code.



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