Middle Grades (6–8)


The middle grades are a time of dynamic transition and discovery for students. These changes allow students to make enormous cognitive leaps in their ability to focus and absorb rich and complex information as they also change physically. In the middle grades, deans begin working with students to monitor and meet their academic, social and emotional needs. The deans stay in touch with each student’s teachers – and provide a key point of contact for parents – to ensure that any problems are recognized early and handled promptly, and to track and celebrate student progress.

Instruction in Portuguese and English continues in the middle grades with opportunities for deep engagement in both languages. Students learn from and within the context of both languages throughout the school day, with extra support available to those who need it. The Brazilian national social studies curriculum is taught as part of the World Course, alongside a range of 21st-century global issues framed in local terms.

Students in the middle grades benefit from a rigorous, hands-on, lab-based science curriculum. In 6th- and 7th-grade math, students continue to use the Singapore Math approach introduced in the lower grades. In 8th grade, students transition to a problem-based approach to math, which continues through the upper grades.

Music, art and drama are integral to the middle grades program. Ensemble instrumental and choral groups, as well as an orchestra are offered during the school day along with private instrumental lessons after school.

Alongside the Wellness and Movement program, competitive sports begin during the middle grades, providing opportunities for students to represent the school on various teams. The Avenues São Paulo campus offers extensive opportunities for physical exercise and team sports including soccer, futsal, basketball and volleyball.



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