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Recent Articles from OPEN, our news and discussion blog

November 16, 2018

Pre-K Park Visit

by Jennette Mullaney


November 13, 2018

Problem Based Learning in Math and the 2018 Question

by Fanny Sosenke, Middle Grades Math Teacher

The “2018” problem is a good example of how problem based learning (PBL) happens in 6th grade math. In a PBL based math classroom, the focus is on unique problems that teach content and skills in a student-centered manner.  

November 8, 2018

Watch Us Grow

by Elizabeth Boyd, Kindergarten Teacher

The Puma and Jaguar kindergarten students know all about growing! Not only are they growing as readers, writers, mathematicians, community members and friends, they are also growing their very own seeds. Recently, they planted lima bean and pinto bean seeds in the Outdoor Classroom. ​​​​​​​ 

November 2, 2018

What Is Digital Citizenship? Why Is It Important?

by Jacob Goren, Technology Integrator

Without knowing the world their future-adults will live in, how can teachers possibly prepare their students to live meaningful and productive lives when they get older?  

October 25, 2018

What Can You Do with Five Chinese Classes?

by Haiwen Lu, Upper Division Chinese Teacher

Recently, some upper grades students in the Mandarin Chinese track spent their class period interviewing Chinese-speaking teachers. Each of them interviewed two teachers in the building and asked 15 questions. Remarkably, all these students are taking Chinese level one;  they had only attended five Chinese classes before the interviews! How did they accomplish this? By using Pinyin as the tool for the interviews.  

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