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Upper Division : Grades 6 – 12

Avenues students from around the world explore complex topics connected to global issues and practice skills to become changemakers for the future.

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Great Works

The foundation of an Avenues Online education is Great Works — a robust, interdisciplinary course team-taught by two faculty members, one specializing in the sciences and the other in the humanities. Students complete interdisciplinary projects that integrate coursework in English, history, science, and art, earning one credit in each discipline. Curated texts, typically 12 – 16 books each year, complement projects and provide frameworks for engaging critically with global topics and year-long themes.

Math Inquiry

Avenues offers a rigorous, problem-based mathematics curriculum modeled on materials developed at Phillips Exeter Academy with advanced courses available to students demonstrating readiness. Students with exceptional talent may apply to our highly selective Institute for Advanced Mathematics.

Global Passport

Competency in world languages is a critical skill for future global leaders. In Global Passport, our task-based language curriculum, students accelerate their language acquisition through deep practice in real-world situations. This unparalleled program allows students to choose from over 50 languages of study, from Spanish to Swahili, from Mandarin to Malay.

The Deans Program

Upon entering Avenues, students are assigned a Dean who provides ongoing guidance and individualized support while they navigate the social, emotional and physical changes of adolescence. Deans work closely with faculty to support the academic success of students and serve as a point of contact for parents to ensure strong communication between families and the school.

Student Life

Our student body represents a wide range of cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds. We encourage students to discover commonalities with their classmates and celebrate the differences that make our community diverse and unique.

We begin the school year with optional in-person bonding activities. These events reunite students with classmates and welcome new members to the Avenues community.

Each student is assigned to a crew, which includes up to five peers. You and your crew navigate the school experience together. They are the peers you can reach out to first — whether that’s to ask a question, sign up for a tutorial or lab together, or just to check-in.

College Counseling

In grades 10 – 12, deans serve as college counselors. This ensures that students benefit from the guidance of someone who knows them well and fully appreciates their talents, accomplishments, goals, and aspirations for after they leave Avenues. Deans provide personalized counseling on course selection, standardized testing, researching colleges and universities, and all aspects of the college application and selection process.

Avenues Online congratulates the Class of 2022! Our first graduating class was admitted to an impressive list of colleges and universities. They join past Avenues graduates who are now attending 200+ institutions around the world.