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The Avenues Online admission team looks forward to getting to know your family and welcoming you to our global community.

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Avenues Online Information Session

October 4, 2022

12:00 PM EST


Avenues Online Information Session

October 11, 2022

12:00 PM EST


Avenues Online Information Session

October 18, 2022

12:00 PM EST



Application Deadline

Enrolling for August 2022

After April 1, applications will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis.

How to Apply

At Avenues, we are looking for students who can change the world. That’s why our application process is different. We want to see what you think, how you solve problems, and why the future is important to you. To apply, click the applicable grade level below to take the Save the World Challenge.

Tuition 2022 - 23

Full Year    US $36,400

If you would like information about indexed tuition/financial assistance, please contact us at admissions-on@avenues.org.

Every member of the Avenues community regards education as an essential investment. For families that may have concerns about affording the cost of attendance, we offer Indexed Tuition—an adjusted tuition rate based on your family’s overall financial picture.

If your total household income is below US$330,000 (or equivalent) and you total household assets (including investments, savings, and all properties owned) is less than US$1 million (or equivalent), your family qualifies for indexed tuition based on the table below:

Income Range in US$Tuition Range*
315,000 - 329,00034,700 - 36,400
290,000 - 315,00030,500 - 34,700
265,000 - 290,000 25,200 - 30,500
240,000 - 265,00021,600 - 25,200
215,000 - 240,00018,300 - 21,600
190,000 - 215,00015,200 - 18,300
165,000 - 190,00012,400 - 15,200
140,000 - 165,0009,800 - 12,400
Below 140,0009,800

*Please reach out to the admissions office to confirm your exact tuition amount.

Avenues Online is proud to partner with the US State Department to provide educational opportunities for the dependents of employees serving at posts around the world. For updated information about allowances in support of tuition, US Government expatriate families should contact the Office of Overseas Schools, US State Department at UlfersME@state.gov.

All students at Avenues Online are required to have the technology listed in the document below. Families receiving financial assistance are eligible to receive devices from Avenues.

Gear: Avenues Online Technology Requirements 2022-23

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