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Andy Williams
Andy Williams
Director of Teaching and Learning

Before joining Avenues, Andy Williams spent the previous 20 years working for the Morris School District (Morristown, NJ), where, since 2008, he was director of curriculum, instruction, assessment and evaluation. He served previously as principal of the Alexander Hamilton School and as a teacher at Thomas Jefferson School (both in the Morris School District). In Morristown, he worked with curriculum committees in most academic disciplines and has experience in both student and faculty assessment techniques. He has directed summer and after-school programs and worked with gifted and talented, bilingual and ESL programs.

As director of teaching and learning, Andy is responsible for advancing the design of the school’s academic programs, including identifying overall curricular outcomes and articulating the sequential steps at each grade that lead to those outcomes. He is also working on establishing systemic rubrics and quantifiable benchmarks for student achievement, as well as refining performance metrics for faculty assessments and designing professional development programs.

Andy has a B.A. degree from Liverpool University and an M.A. in educational administration and supervision from Seton Hall.

He has held numerous community leadership positions, has written numbers of grant applications and is deeply versed in state and national educational trends.

As director of teaching and learning at Avenues São Paulo, Andy Williams oversees curriculum development from nursery through 12th grade. In his view, Avenues’ curriculum design will graduate students with skills that intersect the disciplines and transcend walls of the classroom.

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