Upper Grades (9–12)


The upper grades at Avenues offer a challenging program that creates a strong foundation in the arts, humanities, mathematics and sciences through interdisciplinary studies. Avenues São Paulo students will have the opportunity to earn two diplomas, American and Brazilian, opening the doors for them to study in the best universities in the United States, Brazil or around the world.

Throughout the upper grades, skills in critical reading, writing and speaking are prioritized as the doors to all learning and communication. Students have multiple opportunities to hone their presentation and public speaking skills by addressing the Secondary Division student body and faculty. In discussion-based classes, teachers act as facilitators, helping students discover their own opinions and develop the ability to confidently present their own ideas.

The Avenues Mastery Program encourages students to develop expertise in a field of their own choosing. Mastery projects may be academic, artistic or entail an extended internship, research project or social innovation endeavor. In Fifth Term, upper grades students have the chance to focus on a single elective for the final five weeks of school.

As part of the Deans Program, students in the upper grades meet with their dean several times each week. Deans offer academic and college advising and work with students to promote their social and emotional learning. Beginning in 10th grade, deans also act as college counselors, supporting students through every step of the college application process.



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