The World Course

Graduating students with a deep understanding of the world is central to the vision of Avenues. To that end, Avenues developed the World Course, a non-western-centric combination of history, geography and world issues. The World Course is a comprehensive and interdisciplinary curriculum that is threaded through every Avenues student’s experience from nursery to graduation. Its goal is not just to educate children about the world, but also to create global citizens in the deepest sense.

To design the World Course, Avenues engaged dozens of experts in numerous fields. Among them, international education expert Dr. Fernando Reimers of Harvard University brought his team of graduate students to Avenues to direct the development of the World Course. The principles established by Dr. Reimers serve as guidelines for current Avenues faculty, who continue to bring the World Course to life in exciting and topical ways at each grade level. The World Course embodies our commitment to graduate students who are true global citizens and who exhibit:

  • Knowledge of the world’s history, geography and ecology
  • Intercultural competency
  • Awareness of the wider world and their place within it
  • Understanding of and respect for diversity
  • Willingness to take action
  • Understanding of issues of justice and equality


In pursuit of these outcomes, the World Course focuses on the essential, interconnected questions about the human condition:

  • How do people organize themselves?
  • How are societies formed?
  • How do people struggle with adversity?
  • Why do people migrate?
  • How do our actions, choices and beliefs shape the world around us?


The World Course begins in nursery with a focus on self-discovery and ends in 12th grade with deep engagement in the world’s most pressing issues. At each grade level, depth is valued over breadth, and issues are addressed cross-culturally, with equal emphasis on making comparisons and recognizing connections.



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An interconnected series of topics anchoring the entire curriculum ensures that every student has a global vision.
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