Studying Abroad

Avenues promises its students the skills, experiential opportunities and exposure to other cultures and values that will make them productive and successful global citizens. Among the distinguishing features of Avenues is the concept of one school with many campuses in major cities around the world. Students at Avenues São Paulo will have the opportunity to study at Avenues New York and enjoy the benefits of our growing network of intentionally interconnected campuses. In years to come, this network will allow fluid exchanges of faculty and students between campuses in the Americas, Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Avenues São Paulo students also have the option to participate in various study abroad programs. These experiences may include trips during school breaks and holidays, as well as semester-long study programs. Many programs involve homestay with local families to foster the relationships that lead to a more profound understanding of language and culture. At Avenues, each and every study abroad program is carefully integrated into the curriculum, collapsing the boundary between what students learn and how they experience our globalized world.

Since the opening of Avenues New York in 2012, our students have participated in programs throughout Europe, South America, Asia and Africa. Themed trips have included a study of climate change in New Zealand, an exploration of culture and society in Morocco and art history in Italy.



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