Primary Division

Anne BaldisseriThe Primary Division program has been thoughtfully designed to provide students with an abundance of resources and experiences to support, stimulate and stretch their inborn dispositions.

At Avenues São Paulo, a student’s path to global citizenship begins in the very first year of school. Here in the Primary Division, our youngest children will benefit from a full English immersion program, supported by two teachers per classroom. With access to a range of environments in our state-of-the-art educational facility, they will learn to work and play with their peers and with older students. Through our World Course, their awareness of community will expand from their family and neighborhood to their city, country and the wider world.

Whether in the classroom, lab or playground, we are committed to making knowledge relevant to students with diverse backgrounds and experiences. In addition to encouraging intellectual growth, our teachers will help students foster an emotional connection to the topics they are studying. Upon this strong foundation, students will begin to seek mastery of the academic skills they will need in the Secondary Division and beyond.

Our carefully chosen curriculum will facilitate constant social-emotional learning, encouraging children to identify their strengths, needs and wants—and those of their peers. We aim to foster an environment in which students will respect and appreciate each other’s differences, and in which collaboration comes naturally.

I look forward to coming together with students, faculty and parents to build a culture in which we are constantly supporting and learning from one another, adapting to a changing world, and in which every individual is respected and valued.

Head of Primary Division



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"Besides academic milestones like learning to read and mastering those pesky multiplication facts, students will learn about themselves and what it means to be scholars."

- Abby Brody

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