Lower Primary (N–1)


The educational philosophy of the early childhood years at Avenues is based on an underlying respect for the individual child. With this in mind, we provide an environment rich in opportunities for each child to grow in their understanding of language and how to work and play with others. Teachers set age-appropriate, developmentally-based educational objectives for each student, taking into account typical models of child development as well as individual differences in growth patterns, personality, learner profile and family background. In all grades, teachers facilitate the social, emotional, physical and cognitive growth of students while promoting a strong sense of community within the classroom and as part of a larger school.

Most of the goals of the early childhood curriculum at Avenues represent processes rather than isolated skills. For that reason, mastery is measured along a continuum of growth, allowing children to experience success and satisfaction at every stage of their development. Students develop literacy and gain an understanding of basic concepts in math and science; they learn to express themselves through language, art, music and movement. Thematic units from the World Course expose children to new concepts and expand their knowledge of their community and the wider world.

Since we expect all students to become proficient in English, for the first four years of schooling children benefit from a full English immersion program. They begin to learn the basics of reading through a balanced literacy model that incorporates reading and writing workshops, phonics instruction and daily word study.



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"Starting school is a big leap for both parents and children."

- Nancy Schulman

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