Small World: A Program for 2-Year-Olds

The early childhood years is an important time in the life of a family as their children embark on their learning journey.  Two-year-olds navigate this wonderful stage between being a baby and a “big kid” with curiosity and enthusiasm. This time of extraordinary growth, combined with an excellent early childhood program, sets the foundation for a love of learning.    

At Avenues, we believe a strong partnership between teachers and parents with consistent and open communication is the key to your child’s successful experience.  We focus on getting to know your children individually to ensure we create both a nurturing and stimulating environment, allowing them to discover and grow at their own pace.  

For general admissions inquiries, please email We look forward to partnering with your family as your child joins us for their first school experience.  

Rita Truong
Head of Small World

As head of the Small World program, Rita is responsible for program and curriculum development, leading the teaching team and teaching in several classes.  Prior to joining Small World, Rita spent five years as a head teacher in the nursery program within the Avenues Early Learning Center. Rita has taught toddlers and preschoolers in various schools throughout New York City including The Riverside Church Weekday School in Morningside Heights and The Washington Market School in Tribeca. She holds degrees in early childhood education from Teachers College, Columbia University and early childhood special education from Bank Street College of Education. “Being a teacher,” she says, “means working with families and understanding the role parents play in their child’s education.”  Rita is a mom of two young girls, one who is an Avenues kindergartener, and resides with her family in Manhattan.


"Starting school is a big leap for both parents and children."

- Nancy Schulman

Recent Articles from OPEN, our news and discussion blog

March 20, 2019

Robotic Construction Winter Seminar

by Yi Ching Hsieh, Middle Grades Chinese Teacher

In our robotic construction Winter Seminar course, students were challenged to reach the next level of block coding and robot design by building their own pinball machine using Lego EV3 Mindstorms bricks.  

March 18, 2019

Vietnam War Documentary Project: The Soldiers’ Experience

by Ron Widelec, Upper Division History Teacher

This year, high school seniors were offered an elective on the Vietnam War. Part of the course involved spending an entire term creating a documentary about the war based on the experiences of veterans. 

March 14, 2019

Kindergarten Greeting Card Exchange: A Collaborative Project Between NYC and São Paulo

by Ann Romero de Córdoba, Lower Division Visual Arts Teacher

The kindergarten Dragons and Eagles classes in New York and all three kindergarten classes in São Paulo – the Macaws, Hummingirds, and Toucans – have embarked upon an exciting artistic collaboration over the past few months 

March 13, 2019

The Mathematics Behind Life Decisions

by Abigail Simpson, Middle Grades Math Teacher

Middle grades students could be found studying bank statements, comparing credit cards and deciphering paycheck stubs in a Winter Seminar class that was all about taking a deep dive into the very real, everyday world of math: financial literacy.  

March 11, 2019

What is Your Passion? Part Two

by Spencer Baron, Upper Division Chinese Teacher

As we moved forward in our Passions unit, having finished our short films documenting our own individual passions in life as a solo project, students broke into small groups and crafted empathy interviews.  

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