Small World: A Program for 2-Year-Olds

Being 2 is a precious time of change, budding independence and infinite possibilities for learning. These little ones are gregarious, intelligent and full of wonder and joy as they navigate this wonderful stage in between babyhood and preschool.

At Avenues, we believe that a successful first school experience begins by creating a strong partnership with parents, as we strive to become an extension of the child’s family. Ensuring open conversations between teachers and parents and communicating how best to get to know their little ones will open the door to a more effective learning environment. We believe that every child can be successful when they are provided with the necessary nurturing environment they need to flourish.

We motivate each child to thrive through an age-appropriate, emergent curriculum that is catered to the children’s interests. Additionally, we offer each child differentiated teaching, as well as an introduction to Chinese and Spanish that will be interwoven throughout their day.

We look forward to being partners with you as we guide your children to discover themselves and their world as young learners.

Kind regards,
Edras De Jesús and Rita Truong
Co-heads of Small World

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