Community Engagement

Avenues: The World School emphasizes global awareness and the development of attitudes and skills required to make a difference in the world. Our community engagement program aims to strengthen future graduates’ commitment to a larger purpose, increase their awareness of real-world challenges and nurture passion in an area of personal interest.

Students are expected to engage in service learning beyond the formal curriculum and Avenues New York provides ample opportunities to do so. Community awareness and orientation are built into the classroom curriculum in the Early Learning Center, with increasing opportunities for student-directed experiences in the lower, middle and upper grades. Cultivating reciprocal, sustainable community relationships is emphasized for students of all ages.

Uni Project in fall 2015. Photo by Emily Gold.

Uni Project in fall 2015. Photo by Emily Gold.What Engagement Looks Like

We encourage students to explore beyond their “bubbles,” whether socio-economic, cultural or linguistic. De-emphasizing charity, we encourage experiential learning and the creation of genuine community connections to further the Avenues mission.

Early Learning Center/Lower Division (1–5)

Community is a major theme in classroom work. Depending on the grade and teacher, particular projects may be initiated by faculty. Families are encouraged to participate in Operation Gratitude, division-specific community engagement projects and book drives.

Middle Grades Program (6–8)

Through classroom curriculum, advisories, clubs, hands-on community days and student council initiatives, community engagement is intentionally embedded in school experiences, including Minimester.

Upper Grades Program (9–12)

Rather than setting specific community service hours, Avenues students are provided with models of and opportunities for service. Students are challenged to show personal initiative and create their own experiences, from independent volunteering with our partners to a range of internships. These often occur in conjunction with Mastery projects, Fifth Term electives and a schedule that fosters project-based learning.

Our Partners

Our focus on partnerships with community organizations allows us to both give and receive. Our partners, including the GO Project, the Hudson Guild and St. Clement’s Food Pantry, among many others, become participants in our school community, and we become contributing members in our local community.


Our viewbook provides a comprehensive summary of an Avenues education.



Recent Articles from OPEN, our news and discussion blog

February 14, 2019

Writing Persuasive Letters in Chinese

by Ting Wang, Upper Division Chinese Teacher

The 7th grade Mandarin Chinese class moved on to complete a new project, called “给校长的建议信,” or ”writing persuasive letters about school issues to the head of school.”  

February 12, 2019

Incorporating Snow into a Lesson

by Meagan Gutierrez, Kindergarten Teacher

What do you do with a classroom full of kindergarteners when it snows? 

February 8, 2019

A Memorial Project for a Controversial Figure

by Ron Widelec, Upper Division History Teacher

The 11th grade U.S. history classes were tasked with breaking into small groups and designing a memorial for Andrew Jackson that somehow took into account the complex nature of his presidency.  

February 7, 2019

A Campsite for City Kids

by Alexandra Gerba, Pre-kindergarten Teacher

The pre-K Penguins and Seals decided to turn our uninspiring dramatic play corner into a full working campsite – a close getaway that would feel quiet and cozy.  

February 6, 2019

Totally 80s Chorus Concert

by Neil Ginsberg, Upper Division Vocal Music Teacher

This winter, the 7th and 8th graders of Avenues presented their "Totally 80s" chorus concert. These 21st-century students explored the history, fashion and culture of the late 20th century through the lens of 1980s music.  

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