A day in the Small World Program

The Avenues Small World program will expose children to developmentally appropriate practices and activities that will foster experiential learning through sensory, discovery, song and language activities that revolve around a child’s natural way of learning: play.

Arrival/Free Play: Teachers will greet each child at the door to assist them in transitioning smoothly into the classroom and beginning their day. Free play will include diverse activities in the classroom that promote creativity as well as small-group learning experiences that foster social interaction. Children develop their fine motor capabilities with a variety of activities during center time, where much of the individualized instruction will take place.

Meeting: Together we discuss a range of topics and prepare for the next part of the day. This circle time experience will be conducted in English, Spanish and Chinese through a broad range of stories and songs and movement activities.

Gross Motor/Indoor PlaySpace: In the indoor play area, the children will have opportunities to practice necessary gross motor skills by running, tumbling, leaping, hopping and climbing. Each child will learn to be aware of his or her body in space.

Experiential Learning: Children will explore the world through their five senses during daily enrichment activities such as cooking, food study, library, art and music.

Snack Time: While enjoying a light snack provided by the school, children practice self-help and social learning skills while communicating with one another in each of the languages.

To learn more about the Small World Program, please join us for one of our upcoming parent information events in October.

Small World Teachers


Edras de Jesús EDRAS DE JESÚS
Co-director of Small World

Edras Santana joined Avenues in 2012 as one of the Early Learning Center founding faculty members. In 2013, she became the co-head teacher of a Spanish section of the nursery class. She is a passionate and dedicated educator with New York State teaching certification and a broad range of international experience. Edras came to Avenues from The Dwight School, Early Years Program, in New York City, where she taught Spanish as a foreign language to 2- and 3-year-olds for three years, using a curriculum she developed and implemented. She also gained insightful experience supporting students with individual needs as a special education teacher at the Child School in New York. Edras feels passionate about immersion and bilingual settings and says, “It is an honor to be able to have firsthand experience about the demands and benefits of bilingualism.”


Co-director of Small World

For the past five years, Rita Truong has been the head teacher in the Yellow room of the Avenues Early Learning Center. She is a proud member of the Avenues founding faculty. Previously, Rita taught children ages 2 through 4 at the Washington Market School in Tribeca and 3- and 4-year-olds at the Riverside Church Weekday School in Morningside Heights. She also taught 2-year-olds at Preschool of America, Tudor City, in New York City. In Hong Kong, she also served as a governess of a child from age 4 through 6, teaching her math, writing, reading and piano.

Rita is fascinated by young children’s development. “My favorite part of being a nursery teacher,” she says, “is working with families and understanding the critical role parents play in their child’s education.”

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