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College Counseling

Our students stand out. The world is noticing.

Every student at Avenues is supported to find and pursue their passion and matriculate to the world’s best colleges and universities. Our graduates are excelling at an impressive array of 200+ colleges and universities around the world.


Avenues New York '16

Yale University '20

Sophie reflects on her Avenues experience.


Avenues New York '16

Pomona College '20

Zaza reflects on the adaptiveness she learned at Avenues.


Avenues São Paulo '21

Skidmore College '25

Pedro recalls the support he received to pursue his goals.


Avenues São Paulo '21

Princeton University '25

Isabella describes the “spark” that made her application stand out.

Your global network of 20+ college counselors

No other school in the world can offer the depth of college admissions expertise represented by Avenues’ global team of deans. Each dean works with a small caseload of students and families in the years leading up to graduation, collaborating with deans on other Avenues campuses in order to provide the most holistic support possible. Access to this precious global resource means you don’t just have one college counselor; you have more than 20.

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pattern of dots that form the shape of a world map
pattern of dots that form the shape of a world map
pattern of dots that form the shape of a world map
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College Matriculation

Discover the distinctive list of over 200 colleges and universities where Avenues students have matriculated. With our specially-developed interactive tool, you can filter by campus or by school type to explore the range of institutions our students selected.

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College Application Playbook

Our team of college counselors prepared this ultimate guide to understanding the process for students and applying both to universities across the United States and around the world.

Our kids are getting into the best colleges in the country because they are what people are looking for now–engaged, kind, empathic children who are willing to give an opinion, but also willing to listen.

Lisa B.


For College Representatives

We warmly invite you to reach out to individual members of our team, who will be happy to answer your questions and help schedule a campus visit. Please click on the relevant campus below for contact details and to download key school documents.


New York

São Paulo


Silicon Valley


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Avenues is preparing students to become world-wise leaders uniquely equipped to understand and solve global-scale problems.