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Coordinator of Learning Support

São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Secondary Division (São Paulo)


Position: Coordinator of Learning Support

Location: São Paulo

Start date: July 2020


Why work at Avenues?

Avenues is on a mission: changing the world through education. This is more than a platitude for us. With interconnected campuses under development in leading cities around the world, Avenues is uniquely positioned to develop world-wise leaders equipped to face and solve the future's complex global challenges. 


Deep Collaboration and Constant Evolution

Collaboration here isn't a buzzword: it's woven into everything we do. No one teaches on an island here. Substantial time to collaborate is embedded into the schedule. Teacher teams, across multiple disciplines, design learning experiences together for a whole grade level. This intensity of collaboration is challenging as well as exciting: we're always evolving, learning from each other and seeking to improve.


What You’ll Do

The Coordinator leads the Student Success Team (SST) across all divisions via strategic and impactful management, effectively bridging various educational specialities and styles. The coordinator is part of each division’s administrative team, working closely with associate division heads and directors, setting and overseeing the vision and comprehensive strategy for all educational programming. The Coordinator plays a lead role in assessing and refining the design of the student success process, supporting learning specialists, psychologists and clinical staff in their professional development. The teams coordinate a detailed and effective evaluation and response process supporting both core instruction and enrichment programming through a tiered support system 

The coordinator has the responsibility to deliver on the mission and direction of Avenues, which includes: (1) implementing effective processes, (2) working directly with students (3) developing and implementing school-wide policies and systems, (4) sharing better, impactful educational practices, (5) coordinating student evaluation and student success team meetings, and (6) improving procedures which support an effective organization


As a Learning Support Specialist and member of Student Success Team, you will:

  • Provide a safe, stimulating and supportive learning environment for all students to thrive and feel known and cared for;
  • Drive student success across all grades, by helping to develop individualized learning plans for students who need them, to support each student to learn through meaningful, engaging work and to contribute to creating strategies for supporting specific needs that are identified as being common to a larger group of students;
  • Maintain anecdotal records that yield useful data for teachers, SST team, parents and outside resources to support students;
  • Meet with and assess individual students, confer with parents and refer to outside professionals when necessary;
  • Follow up with outside professionals and coordinate support for students with the SST team, teachers and deans;
  • Work with teachers and deans to develop a student support protocol;
  • Be a supportive and collaborative team member 
  • Develop systems, programs and supports to ensure that all Avenues students have the support to meet the school’s academic goal
  • Collaborates with associate heads, deans, SST and faculty for the purpose of identifying students who are not making adequate academic progress across a continuum of academic needs and work with school personnel to ensure students’ academic success and well-being
  • Collect, analyze and communicate student performance data to associate heads, deans and SST
  • Develop and implement a safe, appropriate and accountable logistical design for school-wide crisis management in consultation with appropriate faculty and school leaders
  • Develop an efficient communication system that meets the needs of all members of the community


What you bring

You bring all or most of the following:  

  • A successful track record as a learning resource specialist with more than 5 years of experience;
  • Deep understanding of cognitive development from pre-adolescents to young adults;
  • Expertise in applying current assessments specific to your field that will best assess our students and that allow for clear referrals;
  • Keen intellectual curiosity and a mindset of continuous learning and growth;
  • Sense of deep personal responsibility for the success of students and teachers;
  • Knowledge of bilingual education is a plus.
  • Knowledge of college admissions accommodations is a plus. 


To apply 

Apply through the Careers section of the Avenues website (

Avenues is an Equal Opportunity Employer and committed to diversity among our staff. Applicants of diverse backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.



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