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Middle Grades

Fostering innovative thinkers with an increasing sense of ownership for their own learning

The middle grades (6-8) are a time of dynamic transition and discovery for students—and at Avenues, a vibrant academic program encourages them to take increasing ownership of their learning while nurturing leadership and collaboration skills. In these years, students are challenged to go beyond their academic comfort zones in a program anchored by:

Engagement with increasingly complex real-world problems

An emphasis on creative and innovative thinking

Steadfast social-emotional support through the changes of adolescence

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Open House: Introduction to the Upper Division


Nov 19 2019


5:00 pm


New York


The deans program

Personalized support and mentorship across the social and physical changes of adolescence

The deans at Avenues are full-time mentors whose sole responsibility is the social-emotional well- being and academic success of their students. Working closely with faculty and acting as a point of contact for parents, deans ensure that students are fully supported and appropriately challenged at school. In 6th grade, students are assigned a dean who will work with them through 9th grade.

The Fundamentals

The middle grades curriculum emphasizes depth of learning over breadth of exposure, and its chief vehicles are project- and inquiry-based learning. The curriculum includes:

  • Reading and writing
  • Math (including Algebra I)
  • Science: earth science and ecology, biology, physics
  • Integrated humanities and the World Course
  • Intensive Language: Mandarin or Spanish
  • High Intensity Practice
  • Art and design
  • Music
  • Wellness and Movement: on campus and at Chelsea Piers

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