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Abby Brody
Abby Brody
Division Head: Lower Division

Abby Brody is an experienced teacher and grade head who was Avenues’ head of third and fourth grades for two years before becoming head of Lower Division in fall 2014. Before Avenues opened, she spent six months working with the school as a consultant, helping to design the Lower Division curriculum. Prior to joining Avenues, she taught at the Allen-Stevenson School from 2003 to 2012, serving as both first grade and third grade head teacher. During that time, she also revamped the math and social studies curriculums for both grades, as well as working with students who were struggling with reading and writing.

Abby received a B.S. degree in developmental psychology from Duke University and also received North Carolina teaching certification for kindergarten through sixth grade. She also she received a master’s of elementary special education from Bank Street College, where she focused on language disorders. She has also spent time traveling with the Shipboard Institute of Education, run by the University of Virginia. During the trips, she wrote curriculum for geography, culture and immigration, circumnavigating the globe. Visiting 18 different countries, she exchanged teaching principles and ideas with classroom teachers in each port visited.

Abby also holds leadership positions with a number of charities, founded a private non-profit Hebrew school and has received the Ludwig Jesserson award from the United Jewish Appeal of New York for work with autistic children.

Abby grew up in Minnesota but moved when she was 10 to New York City, where she attended the Dalton School.

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