Student Life Overview


Three important values are universally honored at Avenues: welcome, safety and respect. “Welcome” means that every member of our educational community is valued as a person and no one is to be excluded. All members are equal. “Safety” means that both students and faculty have the responsibility to keep each other physically and emotionally safe in all the activities of the school. And “respect” means that we accord all classmates and colleagues the dignity and honor in keeping with being a member of a strong educational community.

At Avenues São Paulo, students are encouraged to be active, responsible members of the school community. Both adults and students are invited to make changes to existing programs, systems and policies, and to found new initiatives that benefit the community. Avenues São Paulo empowers faculty, students and parents to be involved in the constant design and redesign of the school. Student and parent input is elicited in annual surveys and carefully considered when introducing changes to the program. A wide range of extracurricular clubs and activities are available to students at Avenues São Paulo, including a variety of extended day programs for younger children.



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