College Counseling

The uniquely global scope of Avenues’ curriculum provides students with the educational and extracurricular opportunities that make for competitive and compelling college applications. To that end, we offer highly individualized college counseling in tandem with our Deans Program.

The college counseling program at Avenues São Paulo offers multiple options for students. Many students will take the ENEM and Vestibular exams for acceptance to Brazil’s top universities. Others will choose to attend outstanding universities and colleges overseas in the United States, Canada, Europe or Asia. Beginning in 10th grade, every student is matched with a dean whose expertise is in college counseling and who guides that student through the college application process. Deans support them every step of the way, from the judicious selection of electives in the upper grades to preparation and training for college entrance exams two years later; from deciding whom they should ask to write letters of recommendation to editing their college essays. Avenues also offers a full range of resources and programs to support the college search and application process, including campus visits, practice administrations of the SAT and ACT, standardized test preparation courses and a college essay writing course.



Our viewbook provides a comprehensive summary of an Avenues education.

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Our Upper School students will receive detailed guidance on their college options.
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