Avenues Community Engagement (ACE)


Avenues emphasizes global awareness and the cultivation of attitudes and skills that will allow our students to make a difference in the world. Community awareness and orientation are built into the curriculum in the Primary Division, with increasing opportunities for student-directed experiences in the Secondary Division.

Just as at Avenues New York, our São Paulo campus will benefit from a robust community engagement and social innovation program. Rather than just volunteering, students may also undertake internships. Instead of donating to a cause, Avenues will build mutually beneficial relationships with local organizations. Our aspiration is to cultivate ongoing partnerships in which the campus and its partners can learn from one another, thereby reducing the emphasis on charity. As platforms for our students to build interpersonal skills and relationships, these partnerships will also reinforce the academic curriculum, particularly the World Course.

School-wide community initiatives will give parents an opportunity to do community work with their children or volunteer to support local organizations identified by the Avenues Parent Association (APA). With the help of the APA community engagement coordinator, the school will work with parents to foster opportunities for family service projects outside the school day.

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