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  • Interdisciplinary Study
    Interdisciplinary Study

    Click above to play video.  What’s important now is the ability to connect facts in original ways—to look at them through the lenses of multiple cultures and multiple disciplines, in order to produce new ideas and new knowledge. Students who have been trained to make those leaps are the people today’s most forward-looking colleges, universities and corporations are searching for.

  • Outpost of the World
    Outpost of the World

    Click above to play video.  The World Course is a unique N–12 curriculum, designed in partnership with the Harvard Graduate School of Education, with the goal of creating true global citizens. Through interdisciplinary, project-based work, students learn how to ask questions and make connections.

  • Language Immersion
    Language Immersion

    Click above to play video.  Offered in Chinese and Spanish, our language immersion program begins in nursery and extends through fifth grade. After that, students continue their second language study in intensive classes, trips abroad and even theatrical productions. This is a critical part of our mission to graduate students who are “at ease beyond their borders”—and according to the latest research, it brings our students profound cognitive benefits.

  • Our Faculty
    Our Faculty

    Click above to play video. Whether they’re teaching students how to interrogate historical documents or how to make ice cream, our faculty bring passion, warmth and deep expertise to the classroom. Avenues is proud to attract and retain exceptionally talented teachers who embody our commitment to collaboration, innovation and interdisciplinary study.

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