Small World Curriculum


A First School Experience: Our Philosophy

A successful first school experience begins by creating a strong partnership with parents, as teachers will become an extension of the child’s family. We have consistent, open communication with families. Our classrooms will provide a nurturing environment that allows students to thrive through differentiated instruction. Teachers deliver an age-appropriate curriculum, based on the children’s interests, that will help them better understand their world. Through quality one-on-one and group instruction time, teachers nurture each child’s individual learning style and foster a positive school experience. In addition, children will be introduced to Mandarin Chinese and Spanish language learning.


A major focus of the Small World program is the development of social skills. Children receive individualized hands-on and experiential skill development, as well as in small-group environments with exposure to Spanish and Chinese language. Through problem solving, children develop independence. They learn how to interact with others and how to learn in groups. The curriculum encompasses:

Feelings and Emotions

Understanding and expressing one’s own feelings as well as others’ feelings is a big part of our curriculum (i.e. using body language to identify another person’s feelings, and asking guiding questions to help the children involved figure out how to handle situations).

Problem Solving

Children learn and practice the language needed to solve problems. By initiating conversations with peers, children will practice turn-taking in age-appropriate ways.

Observation and Differentiation

Each child has his or her own ingenuity and strengths. We nurture each child’s sense of self and creativity by meeting his or her individual learning needs.

Foundational Skills

At Avenues, children are taught “pre-skills” that will provide the basis for future educational experiences. Pre-skills include following directions, completing tasks, being part of a group, using words to express oneself and practicing fine and gross motor skills.


In a nurturing environment, children will experience the sounds of different languages, as well as new textures, concepts and ideas through sensory integration activities.

The Nexus between Play and Curriculum

We believe that open-ended involvement with the world and materials provide a wealth of teachable moments. We will incorporate emergent curriculum as a means to teach concepts and ideas in an open and nurturing environment, aligning the children’s interests with units of study such as pre-mathematical skills and pre-literacy skills.

To learn more about the Small World Program, please join us for one of our upcoming parent information events in October.


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