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Director of Student Wellbeing & College Guidance - Avenues Shenzhen

Shenzhen, China | Deans & College Counseling

Director of Student Wellbeing and College Guidance

Avenues Shenzhen, Summer 2022



About Avenues

Begin by thinking of Avenues New York, Avenues São Paulo, Avenues Shenzhen, Avenues Silicon Valley, Avenues Online, Avenues London. Avenues is one school with many campuses, providing transformative, world-focused learning experiences to students around the globe. Avenues prepares students for engaged global citizenship during a time of unprecedented complexity and accelerating change, combining language immersion, interdisciplinary learning, a global curriculum, and a culture of creativity and deep collaboration.


Avenues Secondary Division and Deans Program

The Secondary Division at Avenues prepares students for a globally connected, innovation-driven and largely unknown future. For that, nurturing the wellbeing - academic, social, emotional, ethical and psychological - of every student is essential. Through our 6-12 deans program, we ensure that every student experiences the mentorship, belonging, tailored support, and transformative learning experiences that help them thrive during and beyond high school. In grades 10-12, deans also expertly guide students' college process, guiding our graduates on to well-chosen, desirable, and selective post-secondary pursuits. This comprehensive counseling approach allows for a deeper understanding of each student and trusting partnerships between school and families. This trust, in turn, makes post-secondary counseling a personal and  growth-oriented experience for students and their families. 


The Opportunity

Avenues Shenzhen seeks a Director of Student Wellbeing - the senior leadership role dedicated to realizing these goals. This role leads the wellbeing team in grades 6-12, comprising deans, psychologists, learning specialists and others, and is a key leader in the Secondary Division and a member of the Campus Leadership Team. The deans who report to this role are leaders (also mentors, cheerleaders, confidants, and occasional tough-love-givers) who support students' wellbeing, partner deeply with their families and across the division, and support their journey to what's next.

In this role, you will: 

Lead an extraordinary team: a skilled, and diverse wellbeing team dedicated to the essential (exhilarating, exhausting) work of supporting adolescents as they grow and learn 

  • Lead and develop the wellbeing team across grades 6-12
  • Keep the team engaged, collaborative and thriving, to accomplish great things together
  • Nurture an adult culture throughout the secondary division of trust, collaboration and commitment to shared mission and goals

Ensure that each student has meaningful, trusting relationships and mentorship with adults

  • Each dean is a highly effective, trusted mentor to students and partner with families 
  • Every student has an adult in the building - whether their dean or another educator - who they deeply trust and rely on for guidance and support
  • Embed a culture of shared focus on student wellbeing throughout the division

Ensure that we know and meet each student's unique emotional and learning needs

  • Ensure each Avenues student has essential emotional support and learning experiences that enhance their wellbeing
  • Build the structures, mindsets and skills needed for effective tiered support, intervention and follow up
  • Figure out how we use data wisely to support all of this 

Guide Avenues graduates to well-chosen, great-fit, selective pursuits after high school

  • Execute the college counseling strategy, ensuring that most Avenues students matriculate to selective colleges and universities that are a great fit for them 
  • Support deans to expertly help families navigate the (often emotionally fraught) terrain of the college process

Be a division, campus and global leader

  • Contribute actively to the success of the campus leadership team, which shares collective responsibility for the overall success of Avenues Shenzhen 
  • As a global leader, align with, shape and implement org-wide Avenues priorities around wellbeing, college and the secondary division experience
  • Enthusiastically tackle the innumerable responsibilities and challenges that come with creating a New School of Thought

A Global Team

You and the team you lead are part of a global student wellbeing team across all Avenues campuses. This unique feature of Avenues means that this role belongs to a global peer group of unparalleled expertise in student wellbeing and post-secondary success. This team learns together and continually improves our program to create an extraordinary experience for each Avenues student around the world. 


Key Qualifications

You bring most or all of these to the role: 

  • Deep conviction about the power of a deans model/holistic counseling approach to support teenagers to thrive 
  • Track record in leading adults to improve student wellbeing at the high school level
  • Management acumen to build, develop, lead and retain a high-performing and diverse team
  • Unwavering optimism, resourcefulness and creativity to tackle and solve complex challenges
  • Love and respect for teenagers. You're deeply committed to supporting them to learn, grow and thrive as people. 
  • Ability to lead effectively through relationships, persuasion and influence
  • Inspiring, compelling presence and communication with families and colleagues
  • Keen intellectual curiosity and a mindset of openness and continual learning 
  • Deep commitment to partnership and interdependence with other leaders

To Apply

Learn more about Avenues on our website (www.avenues.org) and LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/company/avenues-the-world-school/).

For an exploratory conversation, to apply, or to refer someone for this role, contact Diego Merino, global director of recruitment, at diego.merino@avenues.org. All communications will be kept in strict confidence.

Diversity, Inclusion and Safeguarding

Avenues is deeply committed to diversity, equity and inclusion throughout our organization. We strive to uphold a culture in which every colleague feels that they belong, are trusted, and are valued. We welcome applications from candidates of all backgrounds, and strongly encourage candidates from traditionally underrepresented communities or groups to apply. Avenues offers competitive compensation and a generous benefits package. Avenues upholds the highest standards for safeguarding the physical and emotional wellbeing of children. As an essential aspect of this commitment, all offers are contingent upon successful completion of careful reference and background checks.

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