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Wellness and Movement (WAM)Teacher

New York, New York, United States

Position: Wellness and Movement Teacher (WAM) - Physical Education & Health 

Location:New York, NY

Start Date: August 2020

Why Teach at Avenues?

A top-tier school in New York City, offering a truly global education, that will expand to the world’s leading cities in the next decades. Teaching and learning through challenging interdisciplinary projects. A culture of creativity, entrepreneurship and deep collaboration. State-of-the-art technology throughout. Brilliant colleagues, with widely diverse experience, creating a unique educational experience together. Unparalleled possibilities for professional learning and development prospects around the globe. There is no place quite like Avenues. 

Deep Collaboration and Constant Evolution

Collaboration here isn't a buzzword: it's woven into everything we do. No one teaches on an island here. Substantial time to collaborate is embedded into the schedule. Teacher teams, across multiple disciplines, design learning experiences together for a whole grade level. This intensity of collaboration is challenging as well as exciting: we're always evolving, learning from each other and seeking to improve.

What You’ll Do 

The Avenues wellness and movement (WAM) program focuses on movement literacy and motor skills development by providing training in a wide and diverse array of fitness training, cooperative games, traditional sports, studio-based activities, and dance. Teachers also have the opportunity to teach wellness sessions exploring positive psychology, mindfulness, nutrition, sexual health and relationships, and social/emotional intelligence. In this role you will: 

  • Ensure that students achieve key learning outcomes, targeting instruction thoughtfully to address individual needs
  • Build a robust learning atmosphere that leads students to feel part of a rigorous but joyful learning community
  • Collaborate intensively with colleagues to continually deepen student learning 
  • Inspire trust and confidence among parents and families 

What You’ll Bring 

Teachers in this department bring all or most of the following:

  • Experience teaching physical education and/or health (3+ years)

  • Specific interest in teaching studio-based fitness and/or health classes
  • Strong knowledge base in wellness practices, physical education and exercise science 
  • Strong speaking, listening and demonstrative skills in large group settings
  • Ability to maintain high energy levels both in an indoor or outdoor setting
  • A remarkable entrepreneurial drive, creativity and ability to bring new ideas to fruition
  • Intellectual curiosity and humility to continually grow in teaching practices
  • A strong sense of personal responsibility for the success of every student
  • Ability to solve problems quickly and remain calm under pressure
  • Bachelor’s degree in related field 

To Apply

Apply through the Careers section of the Avenues website ( 

Avenues is an Equal Opportunity Employer and committed to diversity among our staff. Applicants of diverse backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply. 

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