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Transformative learning for students in grades 6–12, anywhere in the world

Avenues Online is the online campus of Avenues: The World School, offering a comprehensive virtual school experience to students in grades 6–12. With a unique interdisciplinary curriculum, daily interaction with world-class faculty and the same proven college counseling provided to students at Avenues’ brick-and-mortar campuses, Avenues Online is setting a new standard for online education.

Great Works

Intensive reading + extensive making

Great Works is an interdisciplinary curriculum combining a series of carefully curated primary texts—literary, scientific, philosophical and more—with instruction in STEAM delivered as projects that bring big ideas to life. Students are challenged to apply the ideas they find in their weekly reading to real-world problems and projects—requiring research, experimentation, and making. The program’s title refers not only to the texts that students read, but also the great works that they produce.

The Fundamentals

Avenues Online offers a comprehensive program of study for students in grades 6-12, including:

  • Project-based and interdisciplinary “Great Works” curriculum
  • Problem-based math
  • Instruction in 50+ world languages
  • High Intensity Practice (HIP)
  • Intensive writing program
  • Live, online physical education sessions
  • World-class college counseling and academic advising
  • NCAA approved curriculum for student athletes

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