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Mastery Academy: Academics

A world-class high school education based on the creation of world-changing technology

The Avenues Mastery Academy provides a comprehensive high school curriculum for students in grades 10-12, anchored in innovation and making, and located in the global electronics hub of Shenzhen, China. Over the course of their time at the Academy, students will:

Design, build and engineer a series of world-changing technologies, ultimately producing an original invention and applying for a patent.

Develop sophisticated perspectives on the past, present and future of technological innovation.

Gain the skills, insights and courage necessary to begin solving the world’s most pressing problems and build a better future.


A three-year journey through the history, theory and practice of innovation

The Academy experience is divided into three year-long themes that embody the paradigms, tensions and values at the heart of innovation and making: Creation (grade 10), Innovation (grade 11) and Foresight (grade 12). Each unit thoughtfully matches the construction of an invention (during the Studio block) with carefully selected texts (during the Great Works block).

The Fundamentals

Academic requirements are the same as those for other campuses of Avenues: The World School and students receive an Avenues diploma upon graduation. Students benefit from immersion in a STEM-focused English language environment, with English tutorial support. The curriculum includes:

  • Studio: innovation and making
  • Great Works: interdisciplinary humanities through the lens of technology and science fiction
  • Intensive English instruction
  • Discussion-based and applied Mathematics
  • Yearly design challenge
  • Graduation project: a patented invention
  • World-class college counseling

Admissions for fall 2020 will open soon.

In the meantime, get in touch to learn more about Avenues Mastery Academy.

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