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Our teachers are not only experienced educators—they are also fearless dreamers and passionate change makers


Our mission attracts a special kind of teacher: ambitious, idealistic, and driven by a desire to make a practical difference to the lives of students—not only in their classrooms but across the world.


We prioritize collaboration not for its own sake, but because it leads to deeper learning for our students. Collaboration among faculty is woven into the fabric of our educational design—from the pairing of English and target language teachers in our immersion program, to the interdisciplinary cross-pollination of subjects in co-taught Fifth Term courses.


True to the DNA of Avenues: The World School, every one of our teachers brings global awareness and engagement into the classroom—from discussing school policies with Avenues peers in São Paulo via video conference to taking non-Western-centric approaches to history in the World Course.

Supported to Grow, Lead and Innovate

With precious freedom to design their own courses and support from the R&D department to implement new pedagogies, our teachers are blazing trails in the field of education.

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