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Ty Tingley (L), Chief Academic Officer and Skip Mattoon (R), Head of School, have known each other for many years and often worked together when they were at Exeter and Hotchkiss.

Avenues has brought together an unparalleled leadership team and faculty to create in New York City the first campus of our global school. For two years before opening school in 2012, our school design team researched the best practices of successful schools all over the world. Avenues New York is the result of this prodigious effort, and it will continue to grow and improve as our global school expands and develops campuses overseas.

Avenues is in a vibrant neighborhood, the heart of the art district in New York City. You can walk to school on the Manhattan High Line and look across the roofs of art galleries to Chelsea Piers, where, as well as in our own state-of-the-art gymnasium, Avenues students play sports. New York City is charged with energy, and Avenues is adding to that energy.

School is about learning useful habits of mind, and Avenues will teach many of those. The school will make you a confident player on a world stage, proficient in more than one language, prepared for academic achievement and with a special capacity to engage in independent exploration and study.

School is also about learning important habits of the heart, and these are some of the most important lessons in life. At Avenues you will find friends, both in your neighborhood and all over the world. You will learn to overcome barriers of language and geography and enjoy service that benefits others. You will develop confidence in your own strengths and learn to challenge yourself. And you will develop the values to help live your life as a happy and productive citizen of our world.

Setting forth on this journey is exhilarating. Welcome to Avenues!

Tyler Tingley
Chief Academic Officer
Robert “Skip” Mattoon
Head of School

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"School is about learning useful habits of the mind and important habits of the heart."

- Tyler Tingley and Robert "Skip" Mattoon

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