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In addition to summer reading, Avenues has compiled math worksheets for middle grades program students and lists of Spanish and Chinese resources for all grades.

Summer Resources

Fifth grade summer reading 2016
Sixth grade summer reading 2016
Seventh grade summer reading 2016
Eighth grade summer reading 2016
Upper grades program summer reading and math (Coming Soon)
Summer math – entering fifth grade
Summer math – entering sixth grade 2016
Summer math – entering seventh grade 2016
Summer math – entering eighth grade 2016
Chinese resources – Early Learning Center and Lower Division
Chinese resources – Upper Division
Spanish resources – Early Learning Center
Spanish resources – Lower Division 
Spanish resources – Upper Division

Avenues Haiku Login

Haiku is an online learning management tool used for our Upper Division students.

School Dismissal Manager

Securely log in to the School Dismissal Manager website and assign another parent or relative to pick up your children ONLY when there is a change to the norm (your​ child will be taking a different bus, staying after school or walking home)​.​

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