Tuition and Financial Aid

Among the most important things parents provide their children is an education. Avenues: The World School is committed to providing one of the world’s best and most innovative educational experiences for your family, including a unique and powerful academic program that emphasizes global preparedness, integration of the latest learning technology and state-of-the-art facilities. This is true of our New York campus and will be true of São Paulo and all future campuses.

Avenues’ annual tuition and technology and services fee are comprehensive. They fully cover materials, books, technology, library services, security, class field trips, food service and transportation costs for most school activities. Other than optional supplementary program fees such as personal café charges, after-school enrichment programs, summer camp, study abroad and transportation to and from school, Avenues does not assess additional fees or seek contributions for initiation, athletics, building funds, capital funds, scholarships, etc.

Avenues São Paulo tuition and required fees for our first school year in 2018–19 will be published in March 2018. To provide guidance to families, we are publishing tuition and fees for the 2017–18 school year. Final published tuition and fees for 2018–19 will be based upon the 2017–18 rates and increased in alignment with other leading schools in São Paulo.


As one school with multiple campuses in leading global cities, Avenues’ tuition is structured similarly at each campus with adjustments that reflect local market conditions. For example, the São Paulo tuition will reflect the market conditions in São Paulo as compared to New York City. Tuition at Avenues is the same for all grades, as our resources and overarching commitment to the total student experience are comparable across all grades. For 2017–18, tuition for Avenues São Paulo would be R$108.550 per year, which is equivalent to thirteen installments of R$8.350.

Technology and Service Fee

In addition to tuition, a required annual technology and services fee will be charged, which includes technology, books, classroom materials, class field trips and transportation to and from activities during the school day. Avenues provides an unparalleled emphasis on world-class technology, integrated learning systems and global infrastructure that connects our campuses and classrooms globally.

Based on a 2017–18 school year, the technology and services fee for Avenues São Paulo would be R$7.800, which is equivalent to monthly installments of R$650.

Financial Aid

Consistent with our mission, Avenues São Paulo will allocate a portion of its resources to providing financial assistance, both partial and full scholarships, to qualifying families on the basis of financial need. Our financial aid program, which will incorporate relevant local partners and institutions, is currently in development. Details of the program will be announced by October 2017.

We invite you to join us at a parent information event to meet our leadership and admission teams and to learn more about Avenues São Paulo. You can register here for an event.

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