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While Avenues is proud to support families with more than $7 million annually in financial assistance, at this late time in the admissions cycle there are limited funds available. Families who have not yet begun admissions or financial assistance applications should be prepared to pay a minimum of $25,000 towards the tuition and fees of $49,320. Funds to assist with the additional cost of attendance will be allocated to families who complete a financial assistance application and qualify, in accordance with Avenues’ enrollment priorities.

Among the most important things parents provide their children is an education. We know that an independent school education is an investment, the cost of which is a factor for some families in making their school decision.

Avenues annually provides more than $7 million in assistance to admitted families who qualify for financial assistance. As our mission states, we aim to be, “humble about [our] gifts and generous of spirit.” In addition to the work done by our students, staff and parents through the Avenues community engagement initiatives, our financial assistance program is one more manifestation of that commitment.

We strongly encourage you to consider Avenues even if you cannot afford the full cost of tuition, as there may be assistance available. Our team is committed to helping you navigate what can sometimes seem like an overwhelming process.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Even if you think you don’t qualify for financial assistance, come talk to us! We want to partner with you as you think through the options available to make an Avenues education a reality for your family.
  • Financial assistance is not awarded as a merit-based scholarship. This means that your child’s academic performance is not linked to financial assistance. Awards are based solely on the family’s financial profile.
  • We utilize the services of a qualified, experienced third-party company to provide analysis and guidance in determining a family’s contribution and potential award.
  • Financial assistance packages extend beyond just tuition so that all students can fully enjoy the breadth of our program. To that end, the same percentage of tuition assistance a family received is also applied to after school, study abroad and athletic programs.

Please Note: Assistance is capped at 10% of tuition for students in the Early Learning Center.


Tuition includes the full cost of books and materials; all field trips; and transportation to and from activities during the school day.

Mandatory Fees

These fees cover lunch, snacks, athletic uniforms and educational technology such as MacBooks and iPads.

Optional Supplementary Program Fees

Participation in after-school programs, summer camp, study abroad programs and purchases from the bookstore or the parent café are billed to the student accounts as they are incurred.

Applying for Financial Aid

The primary responsibility for tuition rests with the family, and each family is expected to address its own resources before requesting aid. Avenues recognizes the distinctiveness of each situation and tailors aid packages to meet the demonstrated needs of each qualified family.

Steps to Apply:

  1. Indicate your intention on your online admissions application
  2. Submit our Request for Financial Aid Form via Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST)

FAST is a service of Independent School Management (ISM). The service gives Avenues an estimate of the amount your family can contribute to educational expenses, which Avenues then uses independently to determine the amount of aid you receive.

Go to FAST

All financial information and assistance decisions are confidential.



Is financial assistance available in all grades?

Yes, although assistance is capped at 10% of tuition for students in the Early Learning Center (Grades N–K).

Does Avenues offer a sibling discount?

No. Families who believe in the benefit of having multiple children with us are encouraged to file an application for financial assistance.

Divorced, single, or never married parents: what does Avenues expect?

Avenues believes that both parents are responsible for the education of a child. Any legal arrangements or commitments to the contrary are the responsibility of the parents to negotiate between themselves. A notarized affidavit (provided by Avenues) is required when one parent is completely absent.

Does Avenues expect both parents to be employed to file an application for financial assistance?

Absent a child not yet of school age or an elder relative permanently in the home in need of care, Avenues expects both parents to work in order to contribute to their child’s education. $50,000 in income will be imputed if the above situation does not apply.

May I apply for financial assistance after my child has been offered admission?

No. Avenues calculates its financial assistance awards and budget in conjunction with offers of admission. Both applications should be filed concurrently in the fall.

How is self-employment evaluated in the financial assistance process?

All self-employed parents filing for financial assistance must submit business tax returns. Avenues reserves the right to request full business filings semi-annually.

Are student assets used in the calculation of financial assistance?

All student assets are to be included in the application and will be considered. Certain financial vehicles that preclude family access to the asset must be documented.

Can I appeal the financial assistance award I received?

No. The only condition under which an appeal may be filed is if there is new information available for consideration that wasn’t previously known. If there is no new information to be submitted, an appeal will not be considered.

How is “cost of attendance” defined when calculating need?

Avenues recognizes there are additional mandatory costs associated with attendance. For 2016–17 awards, $55,000 will be used for N–5 students and $60,000 for 6–12 students.

Can international families apply for financial assistance?

No. An international family, as defined by the passport and citizenship of the student, are not qualified for financial assistance.

Is financial assistance at Avenues strictly need-based?

No. Avenues reserves the right for financial assistance awards to reflect the enrollment priorities of the school (e.g. gender balance).

For Returning Families Only

Application Deadlines

Avenues prioritizes returning families when awarding financial assistance. However, families are expected to meet all deadlines.

Please note: Late applications will not be considered for any increase in financial assistance. Applications more than one month late may have their award decreased or canceled, depending on the availability of funds.

Significant Change in Finances

Avenues will consider significant changes in either direction when calculating awards. Absent a change in finances, families should expect to receive the same award each year, with only a possible increase equal to the percentage increase in tuition.

Applying after the First Year

Families who enrolled with no financial assistance must wait two years before applying for financial assistance, unless a sibling will be joining Avenues.


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