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hixson-small It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the Middle School at Avenues!

The Middle School years are a unique time in the life of children, a period in which they are beginning to leave childhood behind—physically, emotionally, and intellectually—and are growing into young adults. This is not always an easy time—for children or for parents.

At Avenues, we understand that the needs of Middle School students are different from those in Lower and Upper School and are designing an exceptional Middle School program specifically for them: by providing teachers who are dedicated to them and who understand them; teachers who know that a student who can think with the intellectual subtlety of a 16-year-old at one moment may have the emotional response of a 10-year-old the next; teachers who are skilled at asking students to risk reaching for what is just beyond their grasp, but who are there to catch them when they fall.

You will find that the transition from Lower to Middle School at Avenues is both thoughtful and smooth and that the warmth and creative learning experiences that characterize a child’s Lower School experience will continue into the Middle School. You will discover that the threads of learning in individual subjects handed to a child in kindergarten will be woven in Middle School into an educational tapestry that is rich, deep, and seamless. And you will find that the worldwide perspective engendered in Avenues Lower School will blossom further in Middle School, where students’ global competence takes on a deeper patina, including opportunities to study in Avenues programs abroad.

But our goals as a Middle School go beyond the academic. Through exposure to the arts, athletics, and extracurricular opportunities and through learning experiences that dissolve the walls between the school and the outside world, students will begin to discover the gifts that are uniquely theirs and around which they can begin to develop a strong sense of identity.

Our measure of success as a Middle School is to have helped students grow intellectually, emotionally and ethically, so when they cross into ninth grade, they will do so with confidence, continued passion for learning, and the certainty that they can contribute not only to the Upper School, but to the world beyond.

I look forward to getting to know you and your child personally.

Head of the Middle School

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"Our goal in these critical years is to help students grow intellectually, emotionally and ethically."

- Libby Hixson

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