2015 Admissions FAQs

What is Avenues looking for in an applicant?

There is no single profile of an Avenues student and applicants are considered on their completed application. Avenues seeks students who can thrive in a rigorous, collaborative and creative learning environment. Avenues strives to have a student community diverse in interests, talents and backgrounds, and the application process is designed to assess all these aspects equally.

What testing is required?

Students who are applying to our ELC (Nursery and Pre-K) participate in small playgroups run by Avenues teachers.

Students who are applying to Grades 2-4 are required to take the ECAAs.

Students who are applying to Grades 5-12 are required to take the ISEEs OR the SSATs. Note that only one test is required.

Are there minimum test scores needed to be considered a competitive applicant?

We do not require a minimum score for any form of standardized testing. Assessment of each candidate is made from a range of criteria, and standardized test scores are only a small portion of the application that we review.

What is the birthday cut-off?

Nursery, pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students must be three, four and five years old respectively by August 31 of their year of entry.

Applicants to grades 1 and above are assessed based on the last year of completed school. However, applicants are encouraged to apply for the grade to which they are eligible based on the August 31 birthday cutoff.

Are first choice letters or personal recommendations required?

First choice letters or personal recommendations are not necessary. Each applicant is assessed according to the requirements stated on the application forms. However, academic recommendations are required, and each applicant for the Middle or Upper School must respond to a creative essay question, as well as submitting a recently graded paper that includes teacher comments.

Can an applicant reapply?

Applicants are welcome to reapply for the next admissions year.

What is the application process for international students?

International students are expected to follow the standard application process and submit all requirements. We will work with your family to schedule your Avenues appointments for a time when you plan to travel to New York. We suggest you schedule admissions testing in New York prior to planning your trip. As always, please contact us at admissionsnyc@avenues.org or 646-664-0800.

What is Avenues’ policy on immunizations?

All students attending Avenues New York are required to have up-to-date immunizations as outlined by the New York State Department of Education. If students are not compliant with the New York State immunization requirements, they will be excluded from school until they receive the vaccines. In rare occasions, two forms of exemptions to this requirement are available: medical and religious. Medical exemptions are granted when a New York State licensed physician certifies that an immunization is detrimental to a child’s health. Such medical exemptions waive the requirement for a particular immunization until the immunization is no longer detrimental to the child’s health. Parents or guardians may request an exemption from the school’s immunization policy on the grounds of religious belief. Requests for religious exemptions must be submitted to the head of school and the school nurse before August 1. By law, children holding either a medical or religious exemption must be excluded from school during any disease outbreaks. A copy of the immunization policy is available from admissions upon written request to admissionsnyc@avenues.org.



Is financial assistance available in all grades?

Yes, although assistance is capped at 10% of tuition for students in the Early Learning Center (Grades N–K).

Does Avenues offer a sibling discount?

No. Families who believe in the benefit of having multiple children with us are encouraged to file an application for financial assistance.

Divorced, single, or never married parents: what does Avenues expect?

Avenues believes that both parents are responsible for the education of a child. Any legal arrangements or commitments to the contrary are the responsibility of the parents to negotiate between themselves. A notarized affidavit (provided by Avenues) is required when one parent is completely absent.

Does Avenues expect both parents to be employed to file an application for financial assistance?

Absent a child not yet of school age or an elder relative permanently in the home in need of care, Avenues expects both parents to work in order to contribute to their child’s education. $50,000 in income will be imputed if the above situation does not apply.

May I apply for financial assistance after my child has been offered admission?

No. Avenues calculates its financial assistance awards and budget in conjunction with offers of admission. Both applications should be filed concurrently in the fall.

How is self-employment evaluated in the financial assistance process?

All self-employed parents filing for financial assistance must submit business tax returns. Avenues reserves the right to request full business filings semi-annually.

Are student assets used in the calculation of financial assistance?

All student assets are to be included in the application and will be considered. Certain financial vehicles that preclude family access to the asset must be documented.

Can I appeal the financial assistance award I received?

No. The only condition under which an appeal may be filed is if there is new information available for consideration that wasn’t previously known. If there is no new information to be submitted, an appeal will not be considered.

How is “cost of attendance” defined when calculating need?

Avenues recognizes there are additional mandatory costs associated with attendance. For 2016–17 awards, $55,000 will be used for N–5 students and $60,000 for 6–12 students.

Can international families apply for financial assistance?

No. An international family, as defined by the passport and citizenship of the student, are not qualified for financial assistance.

Is financial assistance at Avenues strictly need-based?

No. Avenues reserves the right for financial assistance awards to reflect the enrollment priorities of the school (e.g. gender balance).

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