ELC Curriculum

Early Learning Center Curriculum

The Avenues Early Learning Center goals are based upon the school’s philosophy and an underlying respect for the individual child. Classroom teachers determine how the objectives, which are appropriate for the age group of the children they teach, are implemented. These objectives are developmentally based and are guided by both knowledge of the typical development of children in a chronological span and by awareness of individual differences in patterns of growth, personality, learning style and family background.

The curriculum is designed to provide experiences that will promote competency and the successful mastery of developmental tasks through adjusting expectations, varied activities and materials and through interactions in the learning environment. Learning is presented to children using a variety of sensory experiences to teach concepts. Young children learn by doing, and play is the medium through which children explore the world and learn about themselves and others. Thematic units are developed to expose children to new concepts and expand their knowledge of the world around them.

Most of the goals of the program represent processes rather than isolated skills; therefore, mastery is reflected along a continuum of growth. This allows children the opportunity to experience success and satisfaction with their own developmental ability.

To view the Early Learning Center curriculum, please click here.

Core Curriculum

A major focus of the Early Learning Center is on the development of social skills. Hands-on and experiential skill development is individualized, as well as in small groups. Children develop independence and work on problem solving. Children learn how to interact with others and how to learn in groups. The curriculum thus includes:

  1. Development of both fine and gross motor skills
  2. Individualized focus on language, literacy and writing skills
  3. Estimation and early math readiness and problem solving
  4. A scientific view of the world: simple experiments
  5. The beginnings of the World Course that will spiral through all years of the Avenues curriculum
  6. Introduction of Chinese and Spanish through 50 percent immersion (see OPEN posts on learning a second language and on immersion).

A chart of the Early Learning Center curriculum is available here.

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