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It is becoming increasingly important for students to have a highly developed sense of the broader world. Avenues’ World Course, which includes geography, history, demographics and economic development, is a centerpiece of the curriculum. Leading our students into the world beyond our campus is not just a dream—it is a mission-driven reality.
Avenues is committed to ensuring its graduates are highly proficient in a second language and, for those who choose to do so, a third as well. Whether they study Mandarin Chinese or Spanish, our students use their language proficiency as a vehicle of discovery across disciplines.
Avenues provides unique opportunities for older students to enhance their global learning overseas. Faculty-guided study abroad programs work in tandem with the Avenues World Course, delivering academic, cultural and personal enrichment that is rarely available to students before college.
The Mastery program is a reflection of the school’s commitment to graduating students who are “confident because they excel in a particular passion.” The program’s goal is to allow students to engage in a field of activity or study of particular interest to them and to provide support and guidance as they pursue those passions. At Avenues, we believe in empowering kids with the skills to not just study an issue but to fully engage and envision their own solutions.
Building a culture of awareness of and responsibility for stewardship in the larger community is an important part of an Avenues education. Community awareness and orientation are built into the curriculum in the early grades, with opportunities for student-directed experiences for older students. We teach to empower, to create not merely scholars but thoughtful, compassionate and curious citizens.
From the movement and wellness program for our youngest students to more than 25 interscholastic teams for our older students, Avenues offers a range of sports and fitness options. Whether students are playing in our 20,000-square-foot facility or taking advantage of our partnership with Chelsea Piers, our movement and wellness curriculum allows students to pursue new interests and develop existing skills.
Located in a vibrant art community, Avenues takes full advantage of its proximity to more than 100 galleries, five museums and ten theaters. Combining these resources with our own Black Box theater, a cutting-edge music lab, art studios, music practice rooms and a talented faculty, Avenues offers students an impressive array of opportunities in the performing and visual arts.
Avenues’ college counseling office is led by a dedicated team that has developed significant working relationships with the admissions offices of top universities and colleges. A college counselor is assigned to each student in tenth grade and continues to work with him or her through the college search and application process. Members of the class of 2016—our first graduates—were accepted to a strong selection of schools.

Fast Facts

Admissions Team

Main Phone Number: 646.664.0800
Office Email:

Andrew T. Weller, Ed.D.
Director of Admissions

Melissa Hong
Director of ELC (N–K) and Grades 1-4 Admissions

Janie Ruiz Yang
ELC (N–K) and Grades 1-4

Kate Treitman
Grades 5–8

Kristen Ahye
Grades 9–12

Taryn Siegelberg
Admissions Data Coordinator

Emily Dahlke
Admissions Coordinator

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