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Sports, fitness and wellness are central to the Avenues mission. By providing numerous opportunities for physical education and athletic competition, Avenues ensures each student develops a foundation for life-long physical fitness and wellness. Avenues athletics complements the school’s overall educational philosophy by providing the opportunity for all students to enhance their physical and mental health, hone their individual skills and learn to collaborate through team play.


Ryan King, Avenues Program Director at Chelsea Piers, and Jennifer Inniss, Avenues Director of Athletics and Physical Education.

Avenues’ Chelsea campus has an outstanding set of athletic facilities, including our own 20,000-square-foot full-size gymnasium, locker rooms, fitness and weight rooms. In addition to our in-house facilities, Avenues students also have access to much more, including the facilities of Chelsea Piers.


The gym on the top floor of the Avenues building provides opportunities for both formal and informal athletic activities. A bleacher area also allows for spectators.

Pre-K-12 Physical Education Program

The Avenues physical education program focuses on motor-skills development, fitness and conditioning and balance and agility, while providing sport-specific training in a wide and diverse array of sports. Students in all grades benefit from an extensive physical education curriculum, utilizing proven teaching methods developed by our Avenues physical education teachers, Chelsea Piers and its expert staff over the last 15 years. Children in kindergarten and first grade have classes in the Avenues gymnasium; grades two through eight are taught at Chelsea Piers, and students in grades nine through twelve have PE in both the Avenues fitness center and at Chelsea Piers’ world-class facilities.

Sport-specific instruction for grades 2-12 include most of the following: gymnastics, soccer, baseball, basketball, European team handball, volleyball, rock climbing, dance, ice skating, running, conditioning, golf, international cooperative games, badminton, lacrosse and tennis.

Athletics 1

Advanced training for Avenues students who participate in a sport at competitive levels is available in many of the sports listed above.

Nursery, Pre-K, First Grade Physical Education Program

The Avenues dance and movement program for nursery, pre-K and first grade provides a unique educational experience using dance and movement as a tool for creative development. The dance and movement program focuses on movement exploration, observation, self-awareness and expression while utilizing a combination of dance choreography, drama, music, storytelling and improvisational movement. Curriculum includes the basics of dance making and movement elements though concepts of space, shape, rhythm and movement dynamics and vocabulary. In every class students are encouraged to respond and reflect upon their own work as well as the work of their peers.

Classes are carefully developed for each group, with each class having its own individual structure. Throughout the school year, the teachers utilize visual arts, poetry, cultural dances, science and nature themes, literature and musical elements as entry points to encourage creative movement and dance making skills.

Inter-Scholastic Athletic Program

With access to the best coaches and the best facilities for team sports, Avenues is fully committed to fielding high-level and successful interscholastic sports teams for both boys and girls. In its opening year, Avenues originally planned to offer only intramural sports; instead, we organized 16 various teams at both the middle grades program (grades seven and eight) and junior varsity (grade nine) levels. In Avenues’ fourth year, we are offering 25 teams, including a number at the varsity level. As the school grows, Avenues plans to offer a complete interscholastic sports program for students.

A varsity program began in fall 2014 and is competitive with those of the top independent schools in the New York City area. We are members of two athletic leagues: the American International Private School League (AIPSL) for middle grades teams and the Private School Athletic Association (PSAA) for many of the upper grades teams.

In 2015–16, Avenues offered the following sports:


Girls’ volleyball
Girls’ tennis (upper grades program only)


Indoor track and field (upper grades program only)


Outdoor track and field
Golf (upper grades program only)
Boys’ tennis (upper grades program only)
Crew (upper grades program only)

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Avenues will help each student develop a foundation for life-long physical fitness and wellness.

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