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We will graduate students who are accomplished in the academic skills one would expect; at ease beyond their borders; truly fluent in a second language; good writers and speakers one and all; confident because they excel in a particular passion; artists no matter their field; practical in the ways of the world; emotionally unafraid and physically fit; humble about their gifts and generous of spirit; trustworthy; aware that their behavior makes a difference in our ecosystem; great leaders when they can be, good followers when they should be; on their way to well-chosen higher education; and, most importantly, architects of lives that transcend the ordinary.

We will share our prosperity with those who need it, initially through traditional financial aid and, as we grow, in more innovative and broader-scale ways that leap the walls of our campuses.

We will provide our faculty and staff members a special place to pursue the science and art of teaching. We want to align the rewards of teaching more closely with the value it brings to society, provide teachers opportunities to deepen their skills and be a place where careers, in and out of the classroom, can flourish.

We will advance education by setting an example as an effective, diverse and accountable school; by continuously investing in ways to become better at what we do; and by making available our discoveries, large and small, to colleagues in the cause of education.

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"The most important lessons Avenues can teach students are how to think creatively, how to analyze problems, how to innovate and how to work together both within and across cultures."

- Benno Schmidt

Recent Articles from OPEN, our news and discussion blog

Avenues in the Community: Getting to Know Our Neighbors

by Jennette Mullaney
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September 22, 2016 - Ninth and tenth graders interviewed some of our Spanish-speaking neighbors at the Hudson Guild Senior Center as part of a monologue project. Everyone had such a good time that the students decided to throw a salsa party and invite their new friends. More...

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A Day at the Fulton Center Garden

by Kim Allen

June 15, 2016 - On Community Engagement Day this past April, 12 Avenues Lower School families chose to spend their cold and crisp Saturday morning at the Hudson Guild Fulton Center garden. The Fulton Community Center helps to keep Senior Chelsea residents (“55 and better”) healthy, active and engaged through a range of educational, recreational and wellness-related activities. More...

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“Open Mic” in Middle School HIP Writing

by Avenues Social Media Team

February 4, 2016 - One of the founding goals of the HIP writing program is creating a community where strong writing is shared and celebrated. In the week leading up to the winter break, 7–8 grade students were able to take their thoughts about audience out of the conceptual and face a real audience of their peers at an “open mic” reading. More...

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