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Avenues’ key attributes (beyond the core academic quality that every fine school seeks to provide its students) are summarized below.

Educational Outcomes

A Global View

In the 21st century, students who have a highly developed sense of the broader world will have a distinct advantage over those who do not. Avenues takes very seriously its mission to prepare students for today’s global focus. Avenues’ World Course, which includes geography, history, demographics and economic development, is a centerpiece of the curriculum. And Avenues’ planned campuses in the world’s great cities will make its students members of a unique global learning community.

Language Proficiency

Language courses at many schools would be better be described as “language appreciation” classes, as true fluency is neither their objective nor their result. Avenues is committed to ensuring its graduates are highly proficient in a second language and, for those who choose to do so, a third as well.

Study Abroad

As many parents who have guided a student through the Upper Division will testify, finding and coordinating summer programs abroad for their children is no small task. Further, most of what is offered by providers is difficult to coordinate with the curriculum of the home school. Avenues is committed to designing study abroad programs that are highly integrated with its core curriculum and completely supervised by its staff, initially in programs it creates and runs and ultimately at Avenues’ own campuses abroad.

An Independent Learner

Avenues’ students at the Upper Division level will do an amount of independent work that is uncommon in most schools. A key to excellence in college and beyond is the ability to work independently in a highly focused way.

An Area of Excellence

There are three reasons Avenues will work with every student to develop an area in which he or she excels. First, mastery in any arena creates great confidence and self-esteem in students. Second, the lessons one learns mastering one area are transferable to mastery in another. And, third, colleges are looking for students who bring both well-rounded strengths and something special to their student bodies.

Arts in Avenues’ Backyard

Where a school is located matters, and Avenues is situated in one of the most vibrant art neighborhoods in the city and the world. That advantage, coupled with a belief in the educational importance of the arts, will make Avenues a strong destination for artistically-oriented families and students.

Competitive Athletics

Most schools in the city face difficult commutes to even basic athletic facilities or fields. Just three blocks from Avenues’ campus, Chelsea Piers provides more than one million square feet of athletic facilities with hundreds of capable staff. This feature is particularly advantageous to students for whom competitive athletics is important.

Family and Other Considerations

Sibling Preference

Avenues believes strongly that a school should provide sibling preference and will do so when considering applicants for available openings. This applies to families that have one or more children enrolled at Avenues and are applying for another child as well as to first-time applicants applying for multiple children. Admissions is not guaranteed, but we will give sibling applicants priority consideration.

An All-Through School

Avenues is one of a handful of schools in New York City that provide 15 grades (nursery through 12th grade). This eliminates the time-consuming (and often frustrating) reality of finding a new school at different grade points. It also means, when coupled with Avenues’ sibling preference policy, that all of a family’s children can attend one school.

Movement to Other Cities

For those families who anticipate a future need to reside for a time in another major city around the world, Avenues has unique benefits. Over the next 15 years, Avenues plans to open campuses in most of the world’s great cities. Students enrolled in Avenues will have the ability to transfer easily from campus to campus.

Strong College Counseling Support

Avenues’ college counseling office is led by a dedicated team that has developed significant working relationships with the admissions offices of top universities and colleges. A college counselor is assigned to each student in tenth grade and continues to work with him or her through the college search and application process. Members of the class of 2016—our first graduates—were accepted to a strong selection of schools.

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Admissions Team

Main Phone Number: 646.664.0800
Office Email:

Andrew T. Weller, Ed.D.
Director of Admissions

Melissa Hong
Director of ELC (N–K) and Grades 1-4 Admissions

Janie Ruiz Yang
ELC (N–K) and Grades 1-4

Kate Treitman
Grades 5–8

Kristen Ahye
Grades 9–12

Taryn Siegelberg
Admissions Data Coordinator

Emily Dahlke
Admissions Coordinator

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