About Avenues

Diversity and our Broader Mission

Although Avenues’ first priority is to provide an exceptional education to our students, it also has broader educational missions.

Promoting economic and cultural diversity.

Avenues works hard to recruit students from all cultures, races and backgrounds and provides substantial financial aid to bring students to Avenues who could otherwise not afford to attend. Beginning at the opening of the school in 2012, Avenues’ budget included money to provide full or partial scholarships for approximately 10 percent of its students. We hope also to expand our assistance through contributions from parents and graduates targeted specifically for scholarships. As Avenues campuses open in other cities around the globe, we will initiate similar financial aid programs.

Avenues is also considering developing innovative financial aid approaches that might dramatically expand the school’s level of service to less advantaged students, such as a “virtual school” to provide courses to students far from Avenues’ campuses.

The broader Avenues learning community, eventually comprising campuses in many of the world’s leading cultures, will be exceedingly rich in cultural diversity among both students and staff. The thousands of students and faculty from China, India, Europe, Africa, Latin America and North America who will be an integral part of the Avenues culture will represent unprecedented cultural diversity.

Serving the Chelsea neighborhood and broader New York City community.

From Avenues’ $60 million restoration of an important historic building in Chelsea to the availability of this building for community events, Avenues is committed to supporting both its immediate neighborhood and the city of New York. Community service, an integral part of Avenues’ curriculum, encourages both students and faculty to engage in a variety of ways with community groups in our neighborhood.

Sharing on-going educational research and development.

The Avenues leadership team is interested in advancing education worldwide—not just within the walls of its own campuses but for all students. Team members have long histories and deep roots in the educational reform movement and a desire to improve all aspects of schooling—from more effective pedagogy to higher student outcomes, better teacher rewards and more effective use of technology.

With a system of more than 20 campuses, the scale of ongoing research and development can draw upon the highly diverse nature of our faculty and students. The school will be uniquely positioned to identify and build upon educational breakthroughs from the many cultures represented within the learning community. Equally important, the ability to disseminate these innovations will be enhanced by the global footprint of Avenues’ operations.

The first such effort—design of the Avenues curriculum —at its height involved more than 100 leading thinkers and practitioners, many on Avenues’ full-time staff but others from leading colleges and universities. Though some of what is created will be proprietary to Avenues, much will be published and distributed to practitioners and scholars around the world.