Academic Life

Early Learning Center Learning Environment

The students of the Avenues Early Learning Center come from the school’s immediate neighborhood, as well as from all over Manhattan and communities outside our city. They bring with them the diversity of their own individuality and the families they represent. Some even bring the language and cultural heritage of an international background. For many, this is their first exposure to a highly structured learning environment. The Avenues Early Learning Center has been physically designed to foster an environment where students can come together as a learning community and start a life-long love of learning and inquiry.

An Early Learning Center classroom

Avenues’ Early Learning Center for the nursery and pre-kindergarten grades occupies the first two floors of Avenues’ flagship Chelsea campus. These students also have access to other specially designed floors, including the gymnasium and rooftop playground. Fostering young learners’ natural curiosity and creativity, Early Learning Center classrooms are paired with light-filled studios in which young students are encouraged to display, present and perform.

For our parents and families, a separate entrance on 26th Street provides small children a quiet and secure entrance to the Early Learning Center lobby and floors. As an added convenience, there is a small café and waiting area on the first floor for parents who are waiting to pick up children or see faculty and staff.